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4th Edition Gold Label Collector's Set

Price: $205.00

Product Model #  PYB-GLC-4

leatherbound 4th Edition record book with matching number "The King Speaks" print (1-200)

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Includes: One of only 200 special leatherbound editions of Bowhunting Big Game Records of North America, 4th Edition; saddle-brown-colored leather, gilted, gold leaf, ribbon, number page with gold P&Y corporate seal, and slip cover. Matching number of the Club’s 1st official Conservation Print, “The King Speaks” by Leon Parson (unframed).

Leon Parson’s “The King Speaks,” is the first official Pope & Young Club Conservation Print. “The King Speaks” depicts a beautiful Rocky Mountain scene of a group of elk in the timbers. The bugling bull is protecting his small herd of cows, ever wary of unwanted interlopers.

“The King Speaks,” by Leon Parson, is a special limited edition of 950 prints. Image size is approximately 27 ½ x 18 inches.

This hardbound record book was published in 1993, and contains 510 pages of data. As a serious bowhunter, you certainly should want to obtain the various editions of the Pope & Young Club’s Bowhunting Big Game Records of North America. The 4th Edition contains a complete listing of over 22,000 entries accepted into the Records in the 32 categories of North American big game through December 31, 1992.

This book features artwork by Leon Parson and text on a variety of subjects including the state of bowhunting and its future and values by Drs. David Samuel and C. Randall Byers, Bill Krenz and Jim Dougherty. Two chapters, one by Arthur Young, the other by Glenn St. Charles, take the reader back into another era – the dawn of hunting with a bow.

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